In working with rural communities one has to be prepared to work with all kinds—and while many of these communities may not have the resources of the larger centres we find that rural communities are passionate, determined and open-minded—these are the partners we choose. The maintenance and upgrade of the physical design of ‘rural community’ is our signature service; we have built a practice on our ability to identify with the “rural folk.”


Understanding a resort’s operational needs, anticipating user capacities, and analyzing these against industrytracked physical design standards enables us to prepare a solid foundation for resort planning and design. We promote strategies to optimize capital investment, to adapt and promote ease of maintenance, to create quality guest services, to provide for employee safety and job satisfaction; all while respecting and adhering to sound environmental practices.


Enhancing comfort, identity, and convenience is key to amenity development. Respecting, understanding and utilizing community distinctness, its history, natural and cultural influences, reveals cues and inspiration for our community infrastructure development work. Our planning and designing for amenity projects explore ways of integrating these with a site’s land use, circulatory and natural systems. We believe we genuinely increase community appeal with our work, and subsequently, a community or place’s desirability and permanence.